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February 2011
Tips for More Accurate Estimates

At Schultz Bindery, we understand that clear, timely communication is the foundation of a smooth estimating process. Good estimating begins with an accurate and thorough exchange of project information. The end result is fewer phone calls, less confusion and more efficient production – in short, a stress-free bindery outsourcing experience. Here are Schultz Bindery's tips for delivering a better estimate to your bindery:

Don’t Forget the Basics
Including your project basics will eliminate a lot of confusion and back-and-forth communication. Your estimate request should always include these basic items of information:
  • Job name
  • Services performed - including binding style and any secondary services such as drilling, shrink wrapping, etc.
  • Main contact person and their contact info
  • Final trim size and dimensions
  • Quantity
  • Is it a rerun? A rerun with changes?
  • Page count
  • Presence of crossover images and bleeds
  • Target delivery date

Provide Paper Stock Details
The weight, finish and grain direction of your paper impact subsequent binding and finishing operations. Providing these details will allow your bindery to identify areas of concern well before production and offer time- and money-saving suggestions for future projects.

Request Layouts if Necessary
If you require a layout for your book cover, cover wrap or signature, let us know early in the project planning stage. We'd be happy to provide a layout customized to your project specifications that will minimize the chances of unpleasant surprises during production.

Communicate Shipping and Packing Requirements
By finalizing shipping and packing requirements before production, you’ll give us ample time to meet your needs in these areas. Shipping breakout quantities and destination addresses should be provided for the production run and to fulfill any sample requests. Packing instructions should include the following:
  • Packing method (e.g. skids, gaylords or boxes)
  • Quantity per box (if specified)
  • Any special labeling requirements
  • Number of sample books to be held for separate shipment

If the final size of your project calls for custom-size cartons, they’ll need to be ordered well in advance of your target delivery date to keep your production schedule on track. Schultz Bindery can coordinate the ordering of custom cartons if needed.

About Schultz Bindery
At Schultz Bindery, we're committed to making your estimate process as worry-free as possible. Our knowledgeable customer service team will assist you in the planning stages to deliver accurate estimates and creative finishing solutions that will bring your designs to life. Call us today to begin planning your next project.




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