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October 2010
Concise Answers to Common Perfect Binding Questions

Here's a riddle: what’s an attractive, economical and durable finishing method used for a variety of products from children’s books to directories? The answer, of course, is perfect binding.

We’ve fielded hundreds of queries from dozens of printers looking for the most efficient ways to prepare their projects for the perfect binding process. This month we’ll answer some of the most commonly-asked perfect binding questions. If your perfect binding question isn’t answered here, please email it to tom@schultzbindery.com.

Why does my book need a glue trap and how wide should it be?
As the name suggests, glue traps on perfect-bound book covers catch excess glue during the binding process. We recommend glue trap margins of at least a 1/16" at the head and foot of your covers. Without this extra material, your books must be run more slowly through the production process to avoid glue seepage.

What’s the optimal trim margin for a perfect-bound book?
We recommend trim margins of at least 1/8” on the head, foot and face. Your books may require larger margins depending on trim size, book thickness, cover thickness and other factors. Schultz Bindery will alert you to these items in advance to be sure you adjust your print layouts accordingly.

For what types of projects should I specify PUR binding adhesive?
PUR binding adhesives offer superior page-pull strength and flexibility to that of standard EVA binding adhesives. Projects that benefit most from these attributes are those with heavy ink and coating coverage; very thin spines; or usage environments likely to cause excessive wear and tear. Of course, PUR is also an ideal choice for books where durability and longevity are of primary importance to the end user.

Bottom line? Just ask Schultz Bindery; we'll point you in the right direction.

About Schultz Bindery
For nearly 25 years, Schultz Bindery has provided quality perfect binding solutions to Midwest-area commercial printers. We have two perfect binding lines: Our 33 pocket Muller Martini binder is equipped with the strongest available binding adhesive on the market. Both high capacity perfect binding lines at Schultz Bindery are capable of handling projects of any run length and boasts both inline three-knife trimming and drilling for rapid and efficient production. Cover options include not only a variety of material choices, but pocket covers, gatefold and foldout covers as well.




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