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June 2010
Bindery 101 with Schultz Bindery: Three Mechanical Binding Styles


Though school may be out for summer (thanks, Alice Cooper), we’re offering extra credit classes in mechanical binding. Get your pencils out: Schultz Bindery is here with a primer on how to decide which mechanical binding style is the right solution for your job. Don’t worry—there won’t be a quiz tomorrow.

Wire-O® comprises a good chunk of Schultz's mechanical binding work (about 40 percent). Sometimes called twin-loop binding, Wire-O is formed by closing pre-formed loops around the drilled spine of a book project. Like all mechanical binding styles, Wire-O® doesn’t “step-up” when lying flat. But it also offers a 360° open, making it an ideal style for any book with a full-page spread, from calendars to cookbooks.

NOTE: Wire-O® can only bind products up to an inch in thickness. For thicker materials, use plastic spiral binding (see below).

Spiral Wire
Spiral wire offers standard layflat capabilities and speedy turnaround times, for less per piece than plastic spiral or Wire-O®. Because spiral wire can be crushed if handled roughly, it's also considered the least durable of the three styles. For a binding that will maximize your product's durability, consider:

Plastic Spiral
Plastic spiral binding, which accounts for more than forty percent of Schultz Bindery's mechanical work, is a flexible and strong binding choice. This style delivers a long-lasting solution for frequently-handled materials such as calendars and training manuals. Because it can bind materials more than two inches thick, plastic spiral is ideal for nearly any type of spiral-bound book.

The Schultz Solution
At Schultz Bindery, we offer all three of these mechanical binding styles in a variety of color and design options. Give us a call today to request an estimate or learn more about which mechanical binding style is ideal for your next job.




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