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Adhesive Binding is Perfect for Directories

It’s a fact that directories are handled roughly. Whether it’s a phone book, a business directory or an entertainment guide book, these products are typically left in public places, including hotel lobbies, restaurants and office buildings.

These harsh usage environments require a strong, durable binding solution, like the perfect binding capabilities of Schultz Bindery. Add in that directories are printed mostly on thin stocks of 40lb. text weight or less, and you have a project that requires careful production as well. Below are some benefits and design tips to consider when planning a perfect-bound directory.

Features such as tabs and foldout covers improve user-friendliness and offer prime real estate for advertising – a must for many directory applications.


Strength and durability — Perfect binding gives a directory intended for public use a fighting chance. Even on the thinnest stocks, perfect binding adhesives form a strong bond that lasts.

Economic production — Economy is a key consideration for almost every directory project. Perfect binding provides the strength and durability directories require without blowing your budget.

Design Tips

Trim margins — Proper trim margins are crucial for every adhesive binding project. Text signatures should have trim margins of at least 1/8" at the head, foot and face. Schultz Bindery would be happy to provide layout assistance to maximize production speeds and reduce waste.

Leave a glue trap — Cover layouts require an additional 1/16" glue trap margin at the head and foot. This extra margin helps prevent excess glue from seeping onto subsequent books during binding.

Add features — Increase the appeal of directories by adding special features that offer improved functionality, including index tabs, foldout covers and mixed stocks. For some directory applications, these user-friendly features pull double duty by providing extra advertising real estate.

The Schultz Solution
At Schultz Bindery, we provide economical perfect binding for directories, guides, catalogs and more — for both long and short runs. Some of the biggest corporate names in phone directories and consumer products trust Schultz for their perfect binding projects. Our layout services are complimentary, because producing the best products is our first priority. Call us today to plan your next directory project.



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