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March 2006
Split Runs: A Great Option for Multi-use Books

Many book products will be handled differently by various end-users. Rather than supply all of them with the same book, consider a split run of mechanical and perfect binding. A split run allows you to gain the advantages of both styles, in most cases without compromising production speed, cost, or turnaround time. Products such as media guides, instruction manuals and educational materials are often optimized with a split production run.

Perfect Binding
Perfect binding is valued for its economy in both short and long-run applications. In a split production run, perfect-bound books will often be selected for retail applications that take advantage of printing on the spine. Perfect binding is also suitable for users who will not utilize their books extensively.

Mechanical Binding Styles
Mechanically-bound books are typically destined for the hands of the most demanding users, who will take full advantage of their ability to lay completely flat and incorporate user-friendly feature such as index tabs. From a production standpoint, the versatility of mechanical binding styles such as Wire-O, plastic spiral and spiral wire makes them applicable for a wide range of split run applications

Planning Tips

Use One Layout — If set up properly, a single layout can be used for both perfect and mechanical binding styles in a split run project. Trim margins of 1/8” at the head, foot and face are fine for both binding styles. As for the spine, copy should be positioned to accommodate the appropriate mechanical binding style. For example, Wire-O books using 3:1 wire will require a punching margin of 3/8”. Since the grind-off on perfect-bound signatures is typically 1/8”, that 3/8” margin will be fine for both binding styles.

The Schultz Solution

At Schultz Bindery, we can perform several mechanical and perfect binding styles in-house to give you creative freedom and rapid turnarounds. Our production experts can help you optimize your layout for a single print run, saving you even more time and money. Give us a call today to learn more about taking advantage of split production runs.



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