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January 2006
The Keys to Superior Map Folding

Efficient printing of oversize maps requires specialized presses to handle such large sheets. The same is true when it comes to folding large-format maps. Not all binderies have the proper equipment to fold maps accurately and efficiently. Rather than shy away from these projects, printers should partner with a post press services provider with oversize folding capabilities and increase their opportunities at earning new business.

Folding maps such as this one has become a specialized service.

In addition to maps, large-format projects such as posters, wall calendars and display graphics require careful planning and expert execution. Here are a few guidelines to ensure production goes smoothly:

Plan for Folding “Creep”

Oversize map projects typically involve several right-angle folds, so they require special layout considerations. For example, the layout must account for folding “creep”, which refers to the shift in image area that occurs when multiple folds pushout. The thickness of your stock and the number of folds in your oversize project will dictate how your layout compensates for creep.

Folding Sequence

The type and sequence of the folds is important, because most large-format folding projects require several folds to get down to their final size. Map projects often use accordion folds followed by a series of parallel folds. This sequence allows air to escape during folding and prevents paper wrinkling and other production problems.

Typically, to execute map folding correctly, your bindery should be able to perform six folds in the parallel, four right angle folds, then four folds in the final unit or with a knife folder.

The Schultz Solution

At Schulz Bindery, our new 30-inch MBO folder can go as wide as 98 percent of printers’ run-off sheets. We fold tons of maps each year, making map folding one of our specialties. For map and oversize projects, we provide free layout services. Call us today for advice on your next map project.



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