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November 2005
Product Spotlight: Small-format Folding

Both of these small-format folded products were produced in high volumes on special folding machines.
Small-format folding is a product with one final dimension of 2¼ inches or shorter. These two products both serve as informational pieces. One is an upscale reference piece intended to be stored in a wallet or glove box; the other serves as a one-time instruction sheet for an HVAC product. Each piece presented its own challenges in folding.

Size & Volume
The BMW Road Assistance card is smaller than standard folding size and requires folding runs of 100,000 pieces four times a year. The stock is heavy to allow the product to withstand being stuffed into a wallet or purse. The card arrived from the printer scored, but our equipment at Schultz Bindery can easily score the pieces inline with the folding. Due to its size limitations — the finished piece measures 2 inches by 3½ inches — the product was run on a folder machine that handles miniature work.

Several times a year, Schultz finishes the HVAC instruction piece. This project requires the folding of a sheet measuring 8½ inches by 11 inches down to 2¼ inches by 2¾ inches. Compared to the BMW piece, the instruction sheet is more challenging because it bulks up, which can create packing problems. To address the bulking issue, the sheets are wet-scored to keep the folds tighter and provide better packing for delivery and product insertion.

Small-format folding in high volumes requires a bindery with expert knowledge in folding and the right equipment. At Schultz Bindery, we have folders that allow us to perform folds as small as 1-5/8 inches, a capability that sets us apart from other trade binderies in the Michigan area.

To ensure the success of small-format folding projects, include the experts at Schultz in the design stage. We will help you choose the right processes and equipment for each job.

The Schultz Solution
At Schultz Bindery, our expertise in folding services gives your printed pieces the finished look you desire. Whether the piece is a unique brochure, an information sheet or a miniature promotional product, we can add value to the finishing process. In addition to small-format folding, come to us for signature, map, roll, accordion and gate folding services. We will even do the layout for you during the design phase of projects.




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