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October 2005
Product Spotlight: Promotional Book

A promotional product is most effective when it mirrors the quality and attention to detail of the subject matter. This perfect-bound book commemorates the reconstruction of a Detroit cathedral, and each page is designed to bring readers as close as possible to every aspect of the reconstruction process. To do so required careful planning and production; here are a few highlights:

This perfect-bound book includes a mix of stocks and pockets on both inside covers. Careful attention was paid to the layout, folding, trimming and binding to ensure the finished piece reflected the care and detail of the subject matter.

A Mix of Stocks
One of the key design elements of this piece is the use of semi-
transparent, synthetic stock for some of the book’s pages. Since these sheets are interspersed throughout the book, the signatures were cut into two-page forms and collated with the rest of the book block. This combination – two-page forms of a synthetic stock – can be difficult to bind, so extra care was required for the cutting and binding work to produce a strong finished product.

The rest of the book’s pages included full-bleed photographs and crossover images. To ensure proper adhesion with this heavy ink and coating coverage, the signatures were notched to allow for greater glue penetration. The cover was also side-glued to the first and last pages of the book block for added strength that didn’t compromise flexibility.

Pocket Cover
The book features pockets on both the inside front and back covers. The pockets run along the entire face of the book from head to foot, so folding, scoring and gluing was performed offline. To ensure that the folds weren’t trimmed off, the book block was bound and trimmed in one pass. The cover was then applied in a second pass through the binder. Our high-speed equipment ensured that our customer’s tight turnaround demands were met despite the double pass.

Planning Tip – Impositions Make a Difference: When designing signatures for a perfect-bound book, keep in mind that folding sequence plays an important role in the overall quality of the book. For example, 16-, 24- and 32-page signatures with crossovers should be optimized for parallel folding, which results in more accurate crossover appearance. Consult with Schultz Bindery for layout advice when planning any mechanical or perfect binding project.

The Schultz Solution
At Schultz Bindery, we pride ourselves on finding solutions that save you time and money. We work with you from concept to completion on your projects. Our range of perfect binding, mechanical binding, folding, saddle stitching and related services ensure that your finished products meet the needs of your customers and end users. Call us today to begin planning your next project.





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