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September 2005
ISO Certification and What It Means To You

What is quality? Is it simply the absence of product defects or failures in production processes? At Schultz Bindery, we think quality encompasses these and much more. To ensure our quality will always remain at an extremely high level, Schultz recently earned ISO 9000 certification. Here is what this means for you:

What is ISO Certification?
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established criteria to analyze the complete post press production process and create procedures that meet or exceed customer expectations. Rather than simply perform work haphazardly as it arrives, Schultz Bindery uses a set of sustainable procedures to which we strictly adhere. These procedures cover everything from receiving materials and invoicing to packing and shipping.

The Benefits of ISO Certification
During certification, Schultz standardized its documentation and procedures of every aspect of workflow, beginning with estimating and ending with delivery. Project and customer-specific information now travels with the project, meaning your work is fully understood by operators at every step in production. For our customers, ISO certification provides peace-of-mind that specific production requests and critical quality expectations will become non-negotiable steps in every phase of manufacturing.

The Schultz Advantage
"Poor quality" can easily be defined as anything that negatively impacts the customer. At Schultz Bindery, we have you covered at our under-one-roof facility with complete perfect binding, mechanical binding, saddle stitching, folding and other finishing operations. Contact us today to experience our internationally-recognized quality and service.




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