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August 2005
Product Spotlight: Companion Automotive Pieces

These automotive products are designed to attract attention while maintaining their utility to end users. Schultz Bindery combined several of our services to create an efficient workflow that met our customer’s tight turnaround deadline.

Recently, a customer came to us with a unique challenge: Create a pair of companion pieces for an automotive product launch on a tight deadline. The loop stitched booklets featured fold-out covers, pockets and a variety of other options that would stand out amidst a variety of car guides and similar products. Here is how we delivered this large-run project:

Tab Cuts, Fold-Out Covers and More
Each piece was bound using oversized loop stitches, which allow books to lay flat in binders without obscuring text or product images. Each book included banks of custom-shaped tabs and fold-out panels. This combination presented challenges on two fronts: The tabs would need to be cut prior to collating, as face trimming inline would trim the fold-out panels. In addition, careful cutting was required to ensure each tab was aligned perfectly once the piece was collated and stitched.

Die Cut Windows and Pockets
In addition to fold-outs, the back cover of each piece included a pocket die-cut in the shape of the vehicle being introduced. On one piece, the back fold-out wrapped inside the front cover, which was die cut to register precisely to images on the fold-out. This feature both encased the piece and displayed the product in an unusual way.

Planning Tip – Involve your Finisher from the Start: The production of challenging pieces is made much easier when you involve Schultz Bindery early in the planning process. For the projects detailed here, early communication enabled us to make money-saving suggestions, prepare for machine operations and special order PMS-matched wire and other materials.

The Schultz Advantage
We’re in the solutions business at Schultz Bindery. We regularly take intricate designs and create lasting pieces from little more than sketches and inspiration. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help improve your next piece.




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